What is a Diva?

I must admit I received some flack over the name of our new blog. The Design Diva Dishes on Design, Style and Decor creates an immediate visual impression doesn’t it? Calling oneself a Diva can’t be compliment, right? Well, it can be and it is.

Jean Harlow 1933 in Dinner at EightHere’s the scoop on Divas.

From this Baby Boomer’s perspective, there are and was a group of marvelous and magical women of my generation and before my time that quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, worked to change their worlds and the outside world as well. These uniquely fabulous women made it possible for all of us to reach for our dreams. And shouldn’t we do just that, even if we happen to find ourselves in the second act of life?

So today, what is a Diva?

Divas are women who are past their mothering time and have some serious life experiences behind them. Divas do not suffer fools and are not hesitant to forge ahead when others want to stand still. Divas are secure in who they are and what they know. They realize what they have to offer to others in this life. Divas are unable to see the world as mundane. Divas see magic in every thought, move, process, and moment. They could not look at life differently if they tried. They are able to find hidden truths in all things. A little advice…don’t get in their way! Divas love their children and friends greatly and are capable of glorious romances and loving relationships with spouses or partners. Their friendships are deep and abiding, usually with one or two particularly tight bonds and several additional pals in their realm of influence.

Divas do not require validation from others to feel good about themselves, though they do enjoy compliments. While their bonds are very close, they are mature and experienced enough to have dealt with death in a few ways, not just the physical death of others, but the death of friendships, marriages, and dreams. They do understand that people and situations in life, while precious and challenging, are transient. They are comfortable in their own skins and perceive their lives as blessed, regardless of the external challenges they may be facing now. Remember that Divas do not suffer fools lightly and are impatient with manipulators, users, slackers, and phonies. You won’t see a Diva with a partner who doesn’t pull his own weight, or who is less than respectful on an on-going basis. Divas are strong, independent, pro-active women who are listened to when they speak, loved for their spiritedness, and above all respected by all who know them.

Jean Harlow 1933 in Dinner at EightA Diva understands her past, has learned from it, and is not fearful of looking back on it. She has taken responsibility for the life that she has lived, and is living. She looks forward to the future with the quiet assurance that whatever happens will be for her best. Her faith is solid and she is able to help others through difficult times. She does not panic when adversity appears. She works on the situation until she finds the wisdom to solve the problem. Divas choose to live in the present moment because they understand the precious nature of ‘now.’ Every day, Divas find magic and miracles in all things and are grateful to God for each one. There is joy in everything if you care to look, and divas do, whether it is a small gift from a friend, an act of kindness from a stranger, a wonderful meal enjoyed together, or the beauty of a flower. They can enjoy a good laugh and after all, isn’t a smile the best adornment we can wear? Somewhere along the way, laugh lines become a thing of beauty to Divas because they are proof that one has enjoyed many people and experiences on this side of eternity. Divas speak their minds with confidence and without pretense. One should never ask a Diva for her opinion or advice unless you really want to hear it because she will speak her mind. Divas are honest to a fault. They are also private people, so there are parts of life and hearts that are off limits to others. Divas can still be a mystery to those who love them because they will never know all the parts that make up the whole.

These women have spanned the ages. This part of our site is dedicated to all the existing Divas of our world and those who are a work in progress. Here, we hope you will identify your ’Diva Consciousness’ and visit often as we talk about Design, Style, Decor, and Life. We encourage you to continue to be creative, adventuresome, beautiful, joyful, peaceful, and growing in wisdom and emotional strength.

Become all that you can be on this side of eternity.

With warm regards!


Here are the original “Design Divas’ from the past. Dorothy Draper – Sister Parish – and Elsie De Wolfe, whose work stands the test of time. Beautiful, classic design.

Design Diva - Dorothy Draper Design Diva - Sister Parish Design Diva - Elise de Wolfe

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