Modern Moroccan Interior Design

How “I Dream of Jeannie” Would Have Furnished Her Bottle~

Featured at market this year as one of several forecast trends, today’s Modern Moroccan Interior Design Style emphasizes clean design in both neutral and vibrant color. Morocco is a country in North Africa which features a Mediterranean climate from which its decorating style has evolved. Picture flowing fabrics; metals such as silver, gold and copper; carved fretwork; curved arches; tapestries and leather; a multitude of pillows and comfort seating as key design elements to help you implement this style in your own home. Color is borrowed from the golden sands; vibrant blue Mediterranean Sea, brilliant jewel tone dyes such as saffron, green, red, purple and orange. Interesting geometric patterns in tiles and rugs complement the richly arrayed feast to our visual senses. It is a fun and festive way to decorate.

Here is a small sampling of both new market furnishings and the tried and true pieces already available coupled with some room scenes to give you a visual montage to spark your own creative juices.

Modern Moroccan Interior DesignModern Moroccan Interior DesignModern Moroccan Interior DesignModern Moroccan Interior Design

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