The Divine Law of the Great Chair

Michael Amini Palais Royale Armless Tufted ChaiseOnce in a great while, I read about or hear someone make a statement that so succinctly captures a slice of life it must be repeated. Such is the case with a 2007 blog post entitled ‘The Divine Law of the Great Chair’ by two European designers named Carrie and Danielle. I adore great chairs (frequently, they can make or break a room design) and I also subscribe to Carrie and Danielle’s view of spiritual life. Here is a revised version from their post that I think you will love.

I still come across clients who are holding on to ‘old chairs’ from their college or single days long after this phase of life is over. ‘What should I do?’ they ask and I tell them,  Get rid of it!’ ‘But I won’t have anything to put there,’ they say, and my response is the same…’Get rid of it!’

Here’s a radical notion: What if you really liked, even outright adored every material  thing in your own life? What if the quality, shape, color, function of and feel of things you owned gave you satisfaction, pride and delight? What would that do for you?

Truth Even if the item is ‘useful,’ it is filling up an empty space . So what if the item was a gift; or it was inherited, expensive, imported or exotic; or, you truly loved it once upon a time – if you do not like something in your space, it is dragging you down.

I so agree! Per Carrie, here is your homework: Identify the ‘old chairs’ in your life that you are making do with and get rid of them. True, you may have to sit on the floor cushion for a while, but your mind will begin dwelling in the land of possibility instead of compromise and regret.

Scripture teaches us many principles, but the one I have observed in practice most often is the law of giving something away only to be doubly blessed with something else (ie, sowing and reaping.) He who created us knows the desire of our hearts. Try trusting Him with a few of the ‘old chairs’ in your life this week and see what He sends back your way.

To Happy Decorating! More later,

Michael Amini Palais Royale Armless Tufted Chaise

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