It’s Not Your Granny’s Wallpaper!

Wallpaper is back – not the dodgy all over little patterns our Grandmother’s loved – today’s wallpaper is in a whole different universe. Designs are rich, engaging and diverse. There is a wide variety of creative designs to choose from that can imbue everything from subtle textural patterns to glamorous drama to a unique, artistic focal point into a room.

There are scenic, artistic and photorealistic mural wallpapers that are nothing like the old panoramas of the sixties and seventies. These are unique works of art in their own right and provide endless and personalized interior design possibilities.

For ultra glamour, consider the new crystal encrusted wallpapers. Swarovski Elements, in collaboration with British designer Karen Beauchamp, designed a line of wallpapers that will add texture and light catching glimmer to any room.

If you’d just like to add a focal point, you can use the new peel and stick designs. There is no commitment, they are easy to apply, just peel and stick. When you want a change, just peel them right back off the wall.

Here is a gorgeous sampling of quality wallpaper and design ideas.

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Wallpaper samples:

F. Schumacher 

Graham Brown

Komar Available on Home Depot

and from Brewster Wall Covering

de Gournay

Swarovski Crystal Wallpapers

Walls of the Wild


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